Test System Product Lineup

Taiyo Techonolex (Thailand)'s board test systems, the TY-CHECKER series, continuously evolve due to an experienced team of engineers, unique innovations, and the use of state of the art technologies. Our policy in development is to not only pursue the greatest specifications, but create as user-friendly systems as possible. In addition to an abundant product lineup, Taiyo Techonolex (Thailand) offers flexible solutions to meet the various needs of any user.

Fully-automatic Bare Board Test Systems

These flagship models offers efficient testing, accurate test results and ease of operation that represent the fruition of our accumulated knowledge in board testing systems.

Manual Continuity Test Systems

Abundant lineup that offers selection of the number of check points. Space-saving compact design. The best selling series of our bare board testers.

Final Visual Inspection Systems

Final visual inspection system series that covers buildup boards, semiconductor packages such as BGAs/CSPs, modules, and FPCs.

Function Test Systems

These systems play great roles in testing driver circuit boards such as PDPs and LCDs. With consolidated multiple functions, they provide quick support for program changes.