Industrial Machinery & System's products

Taiyo Technolex (Thailand) excavate high-level products and technologies, and propose high added value by combining our products and our co-op company's products.

Inspection System by Image Processing

Surface Inspection System
Flexible system, which suits user’s needs!
- Possible to install in the existing production line.
- High-speed & high precision preprocessing with realtime spin compensation.
- Customization supported.

Industrial Inkjet Printer

Industrial Inkjet Printer!
Compactly designed printhead enables printing on various shape of substracts.
- Wide range of ink line-up.
- Solvent consumption reduced by 35%.
- Space saving design! Removable 10.4 Inch color touch panel!

Nano-imprint Lithography System

Nano-imprint Lithography System
Compact & reasonable! Suitable for experiments!
- Two types of system: UV cure type and Thermal Lithography.
- Fabricate nanometer scale patterns on various materials.
- Easy Operation!

ESD Tester

ESD Tester
Low cost & compact
- Easy operation with touch panel.
- Leak detection --- ESD can be detected without any external devices.
- Two types of HBM waveform units.

FPD Inspection System

Small & middle Type FPD Module Inspection System
Slot-in type device, which is reasonable and used widely.
- A4 size, all in one system.
- Touch panel control available.
- Possible to change inspection program with text data.

Strage and Transportation

Tac & Carrier
Increase productivity to improve efficiency of works.
- Non silicon adhesive sheet with low outgas.
- Suitable for strage and transportation of semiconductor, electronics components, jigs and tools.
- Widely support you from study/development to production/inspection.

Tool for Work

High-tec Tweezers
State of the Art! Not suction, Not clip, Adhesive tweezers
- Pick up tiny and small objects.
- No scratch on objects.
- No adhesive residue on objects.


Cutting Hand Press
Hand press, which suits user needs!
- Easy Hndling! Half-cutting is available!
- Die grinding service and die blades replacement service are available.
- Can be used with micronmeters.

Membrane Swiches

Print circuit patterns on a special PET film with silver and carbon, and bond the films together across the space.
- Free design! Produce according to your image!
- Water-proof, dust-proof, chemical resistance!
- Low cost & quick deliverly!
- Thin, weight saving and space saving tyape!

Polishing Machine

Polishing Machine using Polishing Tape
Suitable for panel cleaning and edge polishing.
- Allow stable polishing because fresh adhesive grain is continuously exposed to the work surface.
- Selection of the polishing tape enables precise surface roughness.
- No need for dressing.
- Both in use, we & dry.

Precision Laminating Machine

Class and Film Laminating Machine
Easy lamination for difficult work.
- "Stress Free" on the work.
- Precise laminating at 200 degree celsius is available in a vacuum chamber.
- Class 100 cleanroom supported.

Three Dimensial Visual Inspection

Three Dimensial Visual Inspection System
Visual inspection for many kinds of plastic products.
- Quickly and precisely detect defects on three dimensial products!
- Possible install in the exsisting production line!
- Easy Operation!

Non-contact Film Thickness Measurement System

Non-contact Film Thickness Measurement System
Multilayered analysis, thin film analysis, chromaticity analysis, components cancentration analysis.
- Film, glass, lense and coating film measurement available.
- Possible to meanure deposited film, airspace, insulator film.
- In-line analysis is possible.

LED Light Measurement Optical Fiber System

LED Light Measurement Optical Fiber System
Support you from evaluation of LED to mass products inspection.
- High-speed measurement of optical, thermal and electrical analysis.
- High interrelation with Integrating Sphere.
- Can be used as an In-line system.

LED Light Measurement Integrating Sphere System

LED Light Measurement Integrating System
Automatic analysis for thermal, optical and electrical characteristic.
- Real-time display is available.
- Option and customization supported.
- Multiple electric source driving, high-speed measurement.