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Business Fields of Taiyo Techonolex (Thailand)

Products Guide

Taiyo Technolex (Thailand) develops and conducts business to provide excellent product and technologies.

Provide FPC prototype product and Designing product of electronic print circuit.
Provide inspection testing machine (electrical checker, visual inspection and function tester)
Provide and develop Prober business for fixture and inspection machine which combine FPC production and manufacturing technology.
Expanding business with advance Technology or excellent product.
  • Taiyo Technolex (Thailand) sales FPCs to meet numerous needs for fine pitched circuitry, double-sided patterns, component mounting, ACF crimping (crimping two FPCs), and more. Small lot production is offered for products other than prototypes and development models.

  • By borrowing bump plating technology from FPC manufacturing, electrical inspections have been made possible with narrow pitched circuites that conventional probes could not handle. Simply by changing the bump FPC, the system can flexibly adapt to different test pieces without requiring hardware changes.

  • Taiyo Technolex (Thailand) delivers on a wide range inspection needss from continuity checks to appearance and function checks via fully automated bare board inspection systems, manual continuity inspection systems and final appearance inspection systems. Systems can be developed to match customer needs.

  • Excavate high-level products and technologies, and propose high added value by combining our products and our co-op company's products.