FPC Product Lineup

Taiyo Technolex (Thailand) supply FPC prototype for mobile phone, digital camera and other electronic equipment upon customer specification request within delivery time.

Single-sided Fine Pitch FPC

With conductive pattern deposited on one side of insulated base material, this high-definition FPC provides a good flexion.

Double-sided Fine Pitch FPC

Flexible printed circuit with conductive pattern deposited on both sides of insulated base material. Top and bottom sides are connected via a micro conductive hole called through hole.

Multilayered FPC

High-density wiring enables circuit design with higher degree of freedom.

Bump FPC

Flexible printed circuits (FPC) boards with bumps.Used for testing contacts at minute pitch.

Bare Chip Mounted FPC

Flexible printed circuits with mounted bare chips.Can be mounted to fine-pitch conductive line.

Component Mounted FPC

Customer-supplied chip components are mounted on FPC.

ACF Crimping

This process joins two fine-pitch FPCs or glass substrate and FPC together. It enables conductive pattern bonding in microns.